Class Descriptions


BASICS – This class is perfect for those who are new to yoga. It will move slowly and provide detailed alignment instruction so new students can learn the fundamentals of a yoga practice & common poses. This class is a great place to “start”.

Do not hesitate to speak with the instructor if you have questions! Remember to simply breathe & enjoy!


LEVEL 1 – A step up from a “Basics” class, this is a slower moving class with the instructors unique touch.  Great for beginners or anyone wanting a slower paced class.


LEVEL 1 WITH YOGA NIDRA  – This level one class is perfect for those who are new to yoga or for experienced yogis who desire a meditative practice.  Prepare to gently enter into meditation in motion, deep stretching, breathing exercises and bliss filed art of Yoga Nidra; a reclined meditation experience in which you are led into visualizations and deep physical release.


ALL LEVEL FLOW – Formerly known as Level 1/2, this vinyasa flow-style class has the unique touch of each instructor. Class will be fast paced and challenging. It is our most popular class and truly a place where many “levels” of practitioners come together. Modifications are available for those who need them as well as more advanced options for those who can go further. Regardless of where you are in your practice, this class will encourage you to move toward more challenging variations of asanas. Some experience recommended.


LEVEL 2 – This class is meant to challenge the experienced practitioner with advanced asanas. Arm Balances & Inversions can be expected in every class. Students should be efficient in Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel; upward-facing bow) with the arms straight, Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand) at the wall, and Bakasana (crow) pose. More than anything, students coming to this class must be willing to try anything – attitude is everything!


HOT YOGA – A challenging class to make you sweat, boost detoxification and increase flexibility. Comparable to a Level 2 class, students can expect to encounter more challenging asanas. This class is not suitable for those with high blood pressure and some yoga experience is recommended.


SLOW FLOW (ALL LEVELS) – Slow Flow: Great for beginners and those with back pain! Flow through twisting, standing, balancing, and weight bearing postures at a steady slow pace. This practice will leave you feeling stretched out, strengthened, and relaxed. Just because it’s slow, doesn’t mean it will be “easy”!


RESTORATIVE / SLOW FLOW – This class will be a nice slow flow coupled with several restorative poses designed to bring a sense of well-being to the body. This class is suitable for those with injuries or just want a gentle moving class.


“The best way in life is simply to be. Let the spirit, let the soul, let the self shine like sunshine” – Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, is about connecting with yourself and accepting yourself where you are in the moment.  Learn to uncoil the most powerful force within you through Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation and Chanting. When the breath changes, the body changes, the mind changes and life changes.  You will be guided through kriya (series of postures, breath and sound), relaxation, and meditation while focusing on moving energy through your body.


ACRO YOGA – A class covering the fundamentals of acro yoga. You will work with partners to explore and breathe through basic partner poses. No partner necessary. All skill levels are welcome.


BABY BLISS (ALL AGES) – Formally called “Mommy & Me” this wonderful class is with an adult to have fun with yoga and their child partner style! If you don’t have a baby, you can always borrow one!


YOGA & MEDITATION FOR RECOVERY – This is an all-levels class with a theme and guided meditation specially tailored for those in recovery from addiction and alcoholism, and for those with loved ones who are in recovery.  Each class begins with an affirmation and intention, and ends with a guided meditation.  Modifications for poses as well as advanced options will be given.  Everyone is welcome.


ASHTANGA PRIMARY SERIES – is a system of yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009). Ashtanga yoga is an in-depth study of the union between mind, body and spirit. Ashtanga yoga is for everybody. There is no such thing as perfection. Our bodies are all different. What makes this yoga really beautiful, is the fact that we go back to being natural, to being ourselves. The Ashtanga Primary Series is the beginning level of this series. Some yoga experience is recommended…(considered a Level 3 class). All the classes we teach come from the Ashtanga System.


ASHTANGA FLOW – a flow based class based on the principles of the Ashtanga Yoga System. A great way to be introduced to the Ashtanga practice. All levels welcome!


KIDS YOGA (AGES 5+) – A good way for kids to relax after school and be themselves as they tune into their breath and are encouraged to discover a deeper body awareness, self-exploration, confidence, and respect for the self and others. We will work on emotional and physical balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, and inner peace through flow sequences, partner poses, games, and relaxation techniques.


PRENATAL – Make time just for you and your baby during this special time. No experience needed but you must have doctor approval.


PRIVATE LESSONS – Your yoga practice can greatly improve by doing this a few times a year. During a regular class, the instructor cannot always work individually with a student, so the private session is an opportunity to pick apart your practice and or a great place for a beginner to start. Your regular practice will never be the same! This is available for up to two students at a time.


IN-CLASS PRIVATE LESSONS – A unique approach to receiving a private class. It is provided while you take any open class of your choice. Jivamukti Yoga is the sole creator of this & it is practiced regularly at the School in NYC. With the verbal instruction and sequencing lead by the scheduled class teacher, the additional teacher will be giving complete and special attention to you in all of the asana’s adjustments, receiving massage, quiet adjustment instruction, and a full relaxation experience with healing oils & massage. The teacher will never leave your mat, providing support and skillful adjustments, enhancing every pose. The student leaves with an in-depth understanding of new alignment improvements and a crucial metamorphosis of the physical and energetic bodies. This brakes up habits that we may unknowingly develop within our practice… After class, guided insights are given, as well as time for questions. “In Class Privates” are described by Sting as, “a state of the art experience.” Try one or give it as a gift!


PRIVATE SMALL GROUP CLASSES – Private classes for up to 5 people with the instructor of your choice. Perfect for an introduction to yoga or for bonding with friends, family or colleagues. $150 for 5 people for a 75 minute class, $15 per head for more than 5.


YOGA AT WORK! – Be a better employee, employer & co-worker as you learn how to de-stress at work! We come to you & work around your schedule! Some businesses will pay for this service, so speak with us if you would like to learn more about Yoga at Work! Contact us at for more information!