About Us

Charities and Community

Yoga Bliss Baton Rouge is a proud supporter of Heritage Ranch – Christian Children’s Home, BR General Foundation, Mary Bird Perkins Foundation, The Dunham School, Spay Baton Rouge, and many more.

About Yoga Bliss Baton Rouge

Yoga Bliss is the fruit of dedicated yoga students and teachers who are on the same organic journey of life…where we are all connected, seeking peace, excellent physical and mental health, love and bliss.


Our Mission Statement

The mission of Yoga Bliss is to provide a sanctuary for our community where great transformation can take place physically, mentally and spiritually through Yoga.

We Are Eco-Friendly

Yoga Bliss is an Eco-conscience studio in order to promote health and healing to us as well as to our environment. We have natural, beautiful Cork and Bamboo floors. The bark of cork trees were peeled without destroying the tree, growing back within nine years, to be harvested again.

New to Yoga?

If you are a resident of the Greater Baton Rouge Area, bring in your ID & sign up for our 10/20/30 promo! Not available for purchase online, so simply arrive at the studio 10-20 minutes before the first scheduled class you want to attend. This promo offers you 10 classes for $30 that you can use over a 20 day period.

Yoga Bliss Basics Workshop

Join us for this great introduction to yoga if you are new, or simply deepen your understanding. Appropriate for all levels of students.

Basics Workshops offered monthly!

I’m not Flexible!

This is not a reason that you can’t practice yoga! It is our job to teach you how to safely increase flexibility! You will be SO happy you did!

I’m Pregnant. Can I Still Practice Yoga?

If you’re pregnant, and you’d like to take classes with us, we require a release form from your doctor stating that you’re free to practice yoga. Please bring this with you on your first visit.

We recommend you take Prenatal Yoga for your first 3-5 visits before exploring other classes. Remember to practice safely, and listen to your body!

Is Yoga a Religion?

NO! Don’t worry you are not going to go against anything you believe in. Yoga by definition simply means “union”, union with God. It means to be the best fullest expression of yourself that you can be. Yoga is not something that you can “do”, but rather a way of living. It makes everything in life better!

Chanting “OM” is simply the sound of consciousness and is practiced to create a shift of energy through sound vibration.

Get Ready to Feel Fabulous!

You are about to understand for yourself why so many students walk out of yoga class sweaty and relaxed with a gigantic smile on their faces. However, just in case you are thinking that the most important part of getting ready to start yoga is already being flexible, you’ll discover that is not true & your real success will lie in finding the right class.

Each of our studio locations offers a unique schedule featuring the best loved teachers in the city and a wide array of membership choices from single drop-in classes to premium unlimited packages.

What Do I Wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in easily. We practice in bare feet and there are no mirrors in the studios. The studios have retail shops where you can find everything you would need, including rental mats and towels.

Do not eat up to 2 hours before class. It is best to practice on an empty stomach.

Where Do I Start?

The best way to start your yoga practice is with the amazing Yoga Bliss BASICS Class. We also recommend attending one of our monthly Yoga Basics Workshops or try a Private Lesson.

BASICS: Build a strong foundation for a life long, successful practice in this introductory session. Designed to accommodate students of all fitness levels, people with existing injuries, people who have taken a few yoga classes and people who have never set foot on a yoga mat.

Yoga Etiquette

1. Leave your cell phone in the car or if you must bring it in, make sure it is turned to OFF or AIRPLANE Mode & left in the cubbies. Be advised, if it starts to ring during class, our front desk staff will move your bag or turn it off for you.

2. If you are running late for class, do not rush. You will be asked to wait before going into the studio anyway. Once the movement has started in a class (usually after 5-10 minutes) you will be allowed in. Upon entering the studio, be as quiet as possible while finding a spot.